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Zestea Kombucha Brewing Kit | Zestea 康普茶自釀組

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Zestea 最初也是在家自釀,希望與你分享我們釀造康普茶的經驗。在 Zestea 自釀組內,你將找到釀造康普茶所需的一切,還有最重要的 Zestea 康普茶菌膜 SCOBY。喜歡喝康普茶也想自己動手做做看嗎? 那就和 Zestea 一起開始吧!釀出屬於你的 Zestea 風味 #trustyourgut

Making kombucha at home has never been this easy! Zestea also started from home brew, and wants to share our experience with you. Inside this kit, you will find all the essentials and the Zestea SCOBY needed to get brewing. Let’s start your kombucha journey and have fun! 

Zestea康普茶自釀組包含 | Zestea Kombucha Brewing Kit includes

  • 1 加侖玻璃罐 One Gallon Brew Jar

  • 康普茶菌膜 & 200ml康普茶啓動液 Kombucha SCOBY & 200ml Liquid Starter 

  • 永續種植原蔗糖 Sustainable Cane Sugar

  • 永續種植紅茶 Sustainable Black Tea

  • 可重復利用棉布茶袋 Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

  • 棉布和橡皮筋 Cotton Cover & Rubber Band

  • pH 試紙 pH Test Strips

  • 滴管 Pipette

  • 可擦拭奇異筆 Wet Erase Marker

  • 康普茶釀造步驟 Step-by-Step Brewing instructions

關於Zestea 康普茶自釀組 | About Zestea Kombucha Brewing Kit

最好的品質 Good quality

Zestea 康普茶自釀組已經幫你準備好所有的器材,包括 Zestea 康普茶所使用的優質南投紅茶、巴西原蔗糖,以及 Zestea SCOBY 康普茶菌。

Zestea Kombucha Brewing kit packs all the essential equipment that you will need, including Zestea’s finest quality loose leaf tea, Brazil cane sugar, and Zestea SCOBY.  

簡單釀造步驟 Easy to follow 

Zestea 自釀組外箱皆附有簡單易懂的釀造步驟,只要跟著說明做,你就可以釀造屬於你的康普茶。若是釀造過程有遇到任何問題,在官網、Facebook 或是 Instagram 上留言,我們隨時幫你解答。

Our clear and concise brewing instructions take all the guesswork out of brewing, so you do need to worry. Feel lost at any point? Our customer support team is here to answer your questions along the way. 

喝不完的康普茶 Lifetime of Kombucha

有了 Zestea 康普茶自釀組,只要好好照顧你的 SCOBY 康普茶菌,就可以釀造無限批次的康普茶。

Zestea Kombucha Brewing kit brews a lifetime of kombucha. Seriously! The SCOBY included with each kit will ferment infinite batches of booch. 

貼心的禮物 Great gift

喜歡體驗手作的樂趣?那你絕對不能錯過 Zestea 康普茶自釀組,淺顯易懂的操作,不用擔心會搞得一團亂。花一個下午的時間與朋友跟家人,就可以享受完成屬於自己的康普茶!

Like to experience the fun of hand-made? Then you must not miss the Zestea Kombucha Brewing kit, spend an afternoon with friends and family, don't worry about messing up, you can enjoy your own kombucha! And it is sure to be the perfect gift for any kombucha fan in your life! gift worry-free!